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The PLAGE Cervical Implants

Rhausler PLAGE Small 13mm

0 Degree:

D-1165Plage, Lordotic 13x14x5x4mm, Silver, 0 Deg. SML
D-1166Plage, Lordotic 13x14x6x5mm, Blue, 0 Deg. SML
D-1167Plage, Lordotic 13x14x7x6mm, Copper, 0 Deg. SML
D-1168Plage, Lordotic 13x14x8x7mm, Green, 0 Deg. SML
D-1169Plage, Lordotic 13x14x9x8mm, Violet, 0 Deg. SML
D-1170Plage, Lordotic 13x14x10x9mm, Gold, 0 Deg. SML

6 Degree:

D-1275Plage, Lordotic 13x14x5mm, Silver, 6 Deg. SML
D-1276Plage, Lordotic 13x14x6xmm, Blue, 6 Deg. SML
D-1277Plage, Lordotic 13x14x7mm, Copper, 6 Deg. SML
D-1278Plage, Lordotic 13x14x8mm, Green, 6 Deg. SML
D-1279Plage, Lordotic 13x14x9mm, Violet, 6 Deg. SML
D-1280Plage, Lordotic 13x14x10mm, Gold, 6 Deg. SML

Rhausler PLAGE Standard 15mm

0 Degree:

D-1465 PLAGE Lordotic 15x14x5mm, Silver STD 0 Deg
D-1466 PLAGE Lordotic 15x14x6mm, Blue STD 0 Deg
D-1467 PLAGE Lordotic 15x14x7mm, Copper STD 0 Deg
D-1468 PLAGE Lordotic 15x14x8mm, Green STD 0 Deg
D-1469 PLAGE Lordotic 15x14x9mm, Violet STD 0 Deg
D-1470 PLAGE Lordotic 15x14x10mm, Gold STD 0 Deg

6 Degree:

D-1575Plage, Lordotic 15x14x5mm, Silver, 6 Deg. STD
D-1576Plage, Lordotic 15x14x6mm, Blue, 6 Deg. STD
D-1577Plage, Lordotic 15x14x7mm, Copper, 6 Deg. STD
D-1578Plage, Lordotic 15x14x8mm, Green, 6 Deg. STD
D-1579Plage, Lordotic 15x14x9mm, Violet, 6 Deg. STD
D-1580Plage, Lordotic 15x14x10mm, Gold, 6 Deg. STD

The PLAGE Locking Bone Screws

C-6010 4.0x10mm Ti Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Silver
C-6012 4.0x12mm Ti Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Light Blue
C-6014 4.0x14mm Ti Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Magenta
C-6016 4.0x16mm Ti Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Light Green
C-6110 4.0x10mm Ti Self Drilling Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Copper
C-6112 4.0x12mm Ti Self-Drilling Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Dark Blue
C-6114 4.0x14mm Ti Self-Drilling Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Pink
C-6116 4.0x16mm Ti Self-Drilling Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Gold
C-6210 4.5x10mm Ti Oversized Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Green
C-6212 4.5x12mm Ti Oversized Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Teal
C-6214 4.5x14mm Ti Oversized Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Grape
C-6216 4.5x16mm Ti Oversized Self-Tapping Bone Screw, Sea Foam Green

The PLAGE Single Use Only

C-7019 2.0x10mm Twist Drill, Single Use Only
C-7031 Bone Screw Removal Tool, Single Use Only
C-7034 2.0x14mm Twist Drill, Single Use Only
C-7039 2.0x12mm Twist Drill, Single Use Only
C-7041 2.0x16mm Twist Drill, Single Use Only
C-7046 2.0mm Universal Twist Drill, Single Use Only

The PLAGE Drill Guides

D-2465 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 15x14x5mm, Silver
D-2466 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 15x14x6mm, Blue
D-2467 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 15x14x7mm, Copper
D-2468 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 15x14x8mm, Green
D-2469 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 15x14x9mm, Violet
D-2470 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 15x14x10mm, Gold
D-2775 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 17x16x5mm, Silver
D-2776 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 17x16x6mm, Blue
D-2777 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 17x16x7mm, Copper
D-2778 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 17x16x8mm, Green
D-2779 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 17x16x9mm, Violet
D-2780 PLAGE Dual Drill Guide 17x16x10mm, Gold

The PLAGE Rasps

D-3000 Serrated Rasp 15x14x5mm, Silver STD
D-3001 Serrated Rasp 15x14x6mm, Blue STD
D-3002 Serrated Rasp 15x14x7mm, Copper STD
D-3003 Serrated Rasp 15x14x8mm, Green STD
D-3004 Serrated Rasp 15x14x9mm, Violet STD
D-3005 Serrated Rasp 15x14x10mm, Gold STD
D-3010 Serrated Rasp 17x16x5mm, Silver LRG
D-3011 Serrated Rasp 17x16x6mm, Blue LRG
D-3012 Serrated Rasp 17x16x7mm, Copper LRG
D-3013 Serrated Rasp 17x16x8mm, Green LRG
D-3014 Serrated Rasp 17x16x9mm, Violet LRG
D-3015 Serrated Rasp 17x16x10mm, Gold LRG

The PLAGE Trials

D-3100 Trial 15x14x5mm, Silver STD
D-3101 Trial 15x14x6mm, Blue STD
D-3102 Trial 15x14x7mm, Copper STD
D-3103 Trial 15x14x8mm, Green STD
D-3104 Trial 15x14x9mm, Violet STD
D-3105 Trial 15x14x10mm, Gold STD
D-3110 Trial 17x16x5mm, Silver LRG
D-3111 Trial 17x16x6mm, Blue LRG
D-3112 Trial 17x16x7mm, Copper LRG
D-3113 Trial 17x16x8mm, Green LRG
D-3114 Trial 17x16x9mm, Violet LRG
D-3115 Trial 17x16x10mm, Gold LRG

The PLAGE Instruments

C-7026 Locking Clocked Screw Driver, for Bone Screws
C-7028 Handle for AO Shafts
C-7036 Awl, 12mm
C-7052 Universal Drill Guide
C-7053 Universal Drill Guide, Trials 10, 12, 14, and 16mm
C-7058 Mallet
C-7085 Bone Packing Block
C-7086 PLAGE Implant Caddy, 15x14mm STD
C-7087 PLAGE Implant Caddy, 17x16mm LRG
C-7088 PLAGE Bone Screw Caddy
C-7091 Sterilization Tray, PLAGE Implants and Instruments
C-7092 Sterilization Tray, Trials and Rasps
C-7150 Slap Hammer
D-3200 Holder/Impactor Tool
D-3201 PLAGE Drill Guide Holder
D-3203 PLAGE Bone Graft Impactor Tool


Phone: 650-200-3466 Email: info@rhausler.com To inquire about additional Special Order Rhausler Cervical Plates and Plages, please reach out to us at info@rhausler.com
Special Order Rhausler products include:
• 3 and 4 level QuickPlates
• 3 and 4 level Dynamic Plates
• All Semiconstrained Plates