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For more information about Rhausler and its spinal implant and instrumentation products, please email us: info@rhausler.com
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Rhausler was founded in 2008 by Dr. Fred Geisler an expert in spinal implantation and instrumentation and developed innovative, patented implants for a variety of cervical spinal disorders.

Innovative company products include, the Rhausler™ Anterior Cervical Vertebrae Plating
System and the PLAGE™ Anterior Cervical Fusion System, which offer:

  • Less invasive, easier to use alternatives than traditional cervical plating and fusion surgery
  • Rhausler Color-coded Titanium Locking Bone Screws featuring:
    • – Unique, patented technology providing surgeons a quick and easy locking system
    • – One-step screwdriver for both placement and locking.

Anterior cervical plating has many benefits as an adjunct to anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF):

  • Rigid fixation
  • Resistance to graft settling and the development of segmental kyphosis
  • Higher fusion rates
  • Less cumbersome external immobilization
  • Reduced incidence of graft extrusion
  • Earlier return to normal functioning post-surgery

The PLAGE is a stand-alone device for anterior cervical spinal fusion procedures, providing:

  • Greater intraoperative flexibility and efficiency for surgeons
  • Designed for easy insertion, quick placement, and osteogenic environment.

Globally, the Anterior Cervical Plates and locking bone screws have been used in over 4,300 patient cases to-date. The PLAGE (introduced in 2012) uses the same proven bone screw and locking mechanism used in our cervical plating system since the introduction of Rhausler’s Anterior Cervical Plating System in 2008.

The company holds multiple patents and has FDA-clearance and CE Mark for all prod-
ucts. The CE Mark for European commercialization and ISO 13485:2003 certifications
were obtained in March 2011. Rhausler products have garnered unprecedented interest
and market demand since their introductions and are manufactured in the U.S. and distributed

Rhausler, Inc. is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.
For more information please email us at info@rhausler.com.

Rhausler™ Dynamic & Semiconstrained Anterior Cervical Vertebrae Plating System
Color-coded Titanium Locking Bone Screws