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The PLAGE™ Anterior Cervical Fusion System

The PLAGE is a plate-cage, one-piece titanium cervical implant with a translational design and textured surface for immediate surgical fixation and fusion. The PLAGE is intended for use in single-level anterior cervical spinal fusion procedures, from C3-C7.

The PLAGE offers an integrated plate-cage design featuring:

  • One-piece titanium housing for strength
  • Slotted screw holes for translational functionality
  • Textured surface for immediate stability and enhanced fusion environment

The PLAGE is designed for surgical efficiency by Dr. Fred Geisler from Chicago, a recognized international expert in spinal care and one of the nation’s leading authorities on spinal cord injuries and degenerative diseases of the spine. The PLAGE is available in a comprehensive range of sizes and instrumentation for intra-operative flexibility. For International sales, the Plage can be ordered exclusively through Rhausler, Inc.
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The PLAGE Anterior Cervical Fusion System is an all-in-one implant design with multiple features for surgical convenience, combining:

  • Low-profile tabs
  • Titanium cage for ease in insertion
  • Multiple insertion options to accommodate intra-operative flexibility and surgeon preferences
  • Slotted screw hole for various screw placement positions
  • Quick placement and co-axial locking of bone screw with visual and tactile locking verification

The textured surface of the PLAGE provides significant clinical features:

  • Immediate mechanical fixation
  • Reduction of implant migration
  • Promotion of natural BMP release via direct bone contact with roughened titanium surface

Rhausler received clearance in November 2011 from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its PLAGE® Anterior Cervical Fusion System.


Roughened Titanium Surfaces of Tecotex in contact with bony endplates

  • Induces the release of natural BMPs ,enhancing bonding and bone growth locally.
  • Increases friction with the bony endplate reduces cage migration and eliminates the need for stabilization pins during screw hole drilling

Dynamic Screw Design

  • Allows 3mm of vertical settling during the normal process of bony healing
  • Follows dynamic cervical plate philosophy of designing to accommodate the normal 1.5mm loss of vertical disc space height during the resorption phase of bony healing.

Normal Screw Trajectories are used in current ACDF plates

  • Screw lock is coaxial to the shaft of the screw inserter
  • One tool is used for both screw insertion and locking
  • Once a screw can be placed, it can also be locked
  • No special angled screwdrivers are required
  • Screws do not penetrate or mechanically damage the bony endplates that are supporting the cage portion of the PLAGE.

Radiolucent Window of very thin sidewall titanium, which both contains the bone graft material and allows visualization of the healing bony fusion.

Large Implant Surface Area reduces force on the bony endplate and the rate of bony resorption during the fusion healing process.

Large Graft Window to pack bone graft for the bony fusion.

“The PLAGE incorporates the best mechanical and osteogenic features learned over the last 25 years for efficacy, speed and safety – all combined in one implant.”
– Larry Khoo, M.D.

“Contact between rough textured titanium surface and endplates, along with generous bone graft window, provides an optimal osteogenic environment with the PLAGE.”
– Daniel T. Laich, D.O.

“The PLAGE implant is the only truly dynamic translational stand alone cervical stabiliza-
tion device that incorporates the superior mechanical benefits of dynamic stabilization, learned from clinical experience with dynamic cervical plates.”
– David L. Morris, M.D.

“The PLAGE rough surface provides immediate mechanical stability, making screw insertion safe, fast and accurate. Screws are inserted in standard ACDF plate trajectories through dynamic slots in two small tabs on the anterior vertebral body cortex, which block the PLAGE from rotation and angled subluxation during normal healing into a mature cervical fusion.”
– Fred H. Geisler, M.D., Ph.D

Tecotex® is a registered trademark of Tecomet, Inc.
The PLAGE can be implanted quickly and simply
The side panel of the PLAGE is radiolucent to view boney in-growth post operatively.
PLAGE implantation is completed by locking two Bone Screws with a One-Step Locking Screw Driver